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    recent 100% cpu usage with i5 6600k and BF1


      Hello everyone,


      First of all, my specs: Gigabyte z170xp-sli, i5 6600k OC to 4.5ghz, 32gb Corsair ddr4, Gtx 1070 mini Gigabyte, Windows 10 (both anniversary's and creator's update), latest nvidia drivers (385.41)


      I always played this game fine with stable 75fps (v-sync on), with no problems, ultra-settings, 70-80% cpu usage. Two months ago I started having nonstop 100% cpu usage and framedrops, stutters. It has been very annoying. I have tried everything you could imagine and only temporary fixes were obtained. There's no other app at task manager consuming CPU, only BF1. Temps are fine with maximum 50-60ºC.


      Things I've tried: reinstalling the game, cleaning origin cache, uninstalled nvidia drivers using DDU, lowering graphics settings, created user.cfg files, undo of the CPU overclock and RAM, wiped out the harddrive and did a fresh install of W10, cleaned CMOS, updated BIOS.


      Temporary fix: I created a Windows User just for gaming and doing that normalized CPU usage for like 3 weeks and then the problem showed up again. Tried to create another user again, but never had that luck again. This made me suspicious about processor degradation, because it seems to get worse with time.


      I don't know what's going on, I would appreciate any help. Could the overclock damaged the processor? I did not encounter any problems like BSOD or freezing. Sometimes boot would failure, although they were rare.