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    DH55HC and Promise Ultra100 TX2



      due to the missing IDE-Controller on the DH55HC Board, I installed a Promise Ultra100 TX2 PCI-Card. When I turned on the new computer for the first time, the INTEL-Logo was shown on the screen for more than 20 seconds. After that, the system booted normally.This happened every time I started the computer until a few days later the speaker beeped one time and nothing was shown on the monitor. According to the INTEL-Support page it was supposed to be a "refresh error". Finally the PC didn't start anymore with none of the 2 RAM-modules (OCZ Platinum Low-Voltage) .

      I went to replace the system memory with Kingston-RAM instead of OCZ. The system started again but still the INTEL-Logo is present for more than 20 seconds on the screen. As I acivated the "Post" function in the BIOS, there was "EB", "95" and "90" in a small rectangle when the INTEL-Logo is shown.

      Without the Promise Ultra100 TX2 the INTEL-Logo is shown only for a second or less, which seems to be alright.

      I would like to know how to install the PROMISE ULTRA100 TX2 correctly with the DH55HC, to avoid memory-failure and to get the INTEL-Logo only for second.

      Regards: lindehol

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          Compatiblity issues between the motherboard and PCI or PCI Express cards, can only be fixed by installing the latest BIOS version for the motherboard, if this does not solve the issue, then I would recommend contacting the "Promise Ultra100 TX2" manufacturer and ask them if they have the latest firmware for that card, or if the have any compatibility issue between our motherboard and their PCI card.


          You can find the latest BIOS version at for this motherboard at:


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            Ok, the controller seems to work so far. A few things are still strange:


            First of all, why does the start-scren with the Intel-Logo one time last for a second or less on the screen and then for 20 seconds or more? When it's shown for 20 seconds, there is a "POST-message" "EB". What does that mean? This happens also when there is no add-in card (like the Promise Controller) installed.


            The second is, that the DVD-Device is recognized by the controller but the Controller BIOS would not be installed because "there are no devices found". After starting the operating system everything works fine.


            And finally I can't test the memory with memtest. The program starts but there is only a red "_"  and red "+" blinking and system is hanging.


            Maybe there is something wrong with board, but how can I test it?

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              I would then recommend testing the motherboard out of the chassis on a non-conductive surface.

              Also test it with very basic configuration (motherboard, processor, power supply, one RAM stick, and video card if needed)

              If by using basic configuration the system does not show the same behavior, then start adding one device at a time.

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                By the way, you can try enabling the expansion card text on the BIOS of the motherboard, the option is under the "Security" menu.


                Security / Expansion card text

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                  I got a message to update the status of this thread. So here it is:

                  One problem was the OCZ-RAM. I replaced it with Kingston-RAM. After that, the PC booted normally.

                  As I have mentioned above, the IDE-controller worked so far.

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                    Intel Motherboards can be very touchy to RAM meeting the capabilities of the motherboard.  If the voltage is not in the range for the motherboard that can cause issues.  I have an Intel DG35EC motherboard, and it had the same problem with older non - SATA hard drives.   However, I researched it and found it worked great as long as you did not use IDE/PATA drives.  So I just purchased new drives and RAM to match and it works exactly like it was suppose to.  This is just the way INTEL does things.  They tend to design their motherboards to use the new gear.  So out with the old and in with the new.


                    Why buy a new motherboard and then use old IDE drives that are 5 years out of date?  I know it is just money you dont have.  You just need to know the mindset at Intel is a bit ANAL.  Always focused on the new hardware, and desinging motherboards to run to specification.  Know your hardware before you buy it.