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    Intel I7 7700K HD 630 no 4K 60hz on Desktop



      According to your specifications your Intel i7 7700K with HD 630 graphics supports 4K at 60Hz. However when I go into the Intel Graphics Settings it only supports 60Hz at resolutions at 1080p or below. However if I go higher than that like lets say 3840x2160 it only lets me select 30Hz which is abysmal, and it also goes against what your claiming that it supports 4K at 60Hz. I used to have an NVIDIA GeForce 1070 and that let me choose 4K at 60Hz so it can't be the HDMI cable. I have a HDMI 2.0b cable which supports 4K @ 60Hz. This must be a driver issue or your CPU simply doesn't support 4K @ 60Hz. Can you please explain this. Thanks.