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    NUC7i7BNH No Audio (fresh install Win10Prox64)


      Bought one of these barebones (w/Optane + 16GB RAM) a month or so ago and tried running Win7 on it, and couldn't get audio to work.  I would get a constant error on the Multimedia Audio Controller.  OK fine, it's only supposed to run on Win10.  Upgrade to Win 10.  Same error.  Update driver.  Windows can't find the driver.  Manually select the GFX10 folder.  No joy.  OK I figure it must be some glitch in the upgrade and it's holding onto something from Win7 causing the issue.  Fresh install of Win10.  By fresh, I mean partition deletion and complete partition reassignment and reformat on the SSD, and go through the whole process.  Fresh install, should be nothing residual.  Same issue.  In the device manager under Other Devices is lists Multimedia Audio Controller with the ! triangle.  I also have the sound icon in the notification area with the red x.


      Uninstall the device. Scan for changes.  Comes back the same way.

      Disable.  Uninstall.  Rerun the Graphics Install.  Comes back the same way.


      Tried running the RealTek for the 3.5mm jack.  No dice.


      Did I just get a unit that was made on a Friday afternoon or a Monday morning and I'm going to have to send it back?

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          All drivers you need for your NUC you can download here: Downloads for Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i7BNH  . To shorten the download process you can download here the Driver Bundle (a zipped  file containing all the necessary drivers). Install first the Intel Management Engine Consumer driver and then the Chipset Device Software. Reboot the computer and than install all other drivers. The sequence now is not important and you don't need reboot your NUC after each driver installation. Using  Intel Driver Update Utility is not recommended since it is not fully debugged. Install the drivers manually.

          Once you will have your driver installed (at least the first two from my list), windows will update your drivers automatically.



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            I ended up getting all the drivers in the zip files via the IDUU, unzipping them and doing a manual install for all of them rather than using the IDUU.  After doing that, the situation *finally* resolved itself.  What a frustrating experience.  I've built numerous PCs from barebones systems going back to DOS/3.1 days, and this has been the most frustrating of them all by far.

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              I have the exact same problem, but I received a replacement unit which exhibited the exact same issue so there is obviously a problem with this model and audio.