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    Feature Request: Better BIOS Upgrade Warnings


      Hello.  New NUC7i5BNK user here.


      Yesterday I went to upgrade my BIOS from version 49 to version 50.  There are general warnings for various things, including "If you are trying to downgrade to a previous BIOS version and its Intel® ME Firmware version is older than that currently on the motherboard, then the downgrade is NOT supported."


      There is no mention that Bitlocker-enabled installations will require entry of a Recovery Key after a BIOS update.  I've had many Bitlocker-enabled installations in the past, none of which required the Recovery Key after a BIOS update.


      So I upgraded.  Discovered my Recovery Key was needed, which was 20 miles away from the NUC location.  I figured I would downgrade back to 49 as a quick fix.  Even though the ME Firmware version was the same between 49 and 50, the downgrade was not allowed.


      My assistant was headed to the office and needed the computer.....so I made the 40 mile round-trip for the key.


      Intel, I think it would be a good idea to:


      1.  Provide a specific warning that BIOS upgrades on systems with Bitlocker enabled will require a Recovery Key.


      2.  Specifically warn when you can't downgrade to the most recent preceding BIOS release.


      Thank you.