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    BSOD when ahci hotplug on  LianLi PC-9 with win7 x64  :-((


      I need to run my SATA drives in AHCI mode while running windows 7 x64 (I want to hotsplug my hdd's in a LianLi PC-9 case, wich has an hdd cage (4 Slots). My Configuration:


      GA EX 58 UD5
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64
      6 GB RAM

      1 HDD 150 GB WD-Raptor (eSATA)
      1 HDD 1 GB Samsung (eSATA)
      2 DVD-Writer Samsung (eSATA)


      The chip on the Gigabyte  ga-EX58-UD5 motherboard is a ICH10. All sata cable are connected to the ICH 10, no one at the two JMicrons controller. Intel Rapid-Storage Drive ist already installed and works fine.


      O.K. now the Problem:


      If I connect a sata hdd during the PC is runnning (into the lianli hdd-cage) = BSOD bluescreen

      If I deconnect a sata hdd everything works fine, no problem at all

      If I connect a sata hdd direct on the motherboard (not on the lianli hdd-cage) with sata and power-cable everything works fine


      That drives me crazy....anyone an idea???? please help me....no german community can help me!


      Sorry for my terrible english