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    Intel dz68BC not posting showing 00


      dear community,

      to some reason I don't know why my pc was freezing whenever I played games or do some work even sometimes it froze while doing nothing so I read somewhere about the bios issue and to update it therefore I decided to update using Intel express bios update but it froze during the last second of the bios update so I waited for an hour then I restarted my PC but in turn it would not turn on and the post code was stuck at 00 also the bios LEDs were not lighting , therefore I run a troubleshoot diagnostic using Intel site and did everything that they said like checking cables, removing ram replacing ram. therefore I tried to turn on the pc without ram sticks and there was no beepcode no posting just stick at 00 and no beep message nothing.please help

      my configuration

      Intel i7 2600k

      Intel dz68BC extreme Mobo

      Corsair vengeance 8gb

      Corsair vs550 power supply

      1tb hdd

      geforce gts450

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          Al Hill

          What operating system are you using?


          Have you replaced the coin battery?


          Have you updated the bios?


          At what point did it start freezing?  What occurred around that time?



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            my os windows 10.1

            yes i replaced it I've done everything that Intel told me

            well I can't update its stuck at 00 no display only fans are running while turning on

            my freeze issue came suddenly while I was playing CS GO

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              Al Hill

              "I've done everything that Intel told me"


              Do you have a case open with Intel?



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                sir, what I meant was what was written on their guide for self test I didn't have a case open with Intel

                I simply did what it told me to troubleshooting

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                  yes sir i tried it but the thing is do i have make the USB drive bootable or simply copy and paste the .bio file in that because i tried it and it didn't work and there was no prompt or display

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                    Al Hill

                    Well, you will have to wait for one of the experts on boards to assist you with this.  However, it is the weekend, so be patient.



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                      thanks for your advice thanks sir just hope some expert on Mobo get to be soon

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                        I am the expert Al was referring to. Sorry I wasn't online last night to help you, but I was busy with my family.


                        I will attempt to walk you through the process. Follow these instructions; do everything I tell you, even if you have (or think you have) done so already...


                        1. On another Windows-based PC (not Linux!), reformat a USB 2.0 (not USB 3.0!) flash disk using the FAT32 file system.
                        2. Download file BC0042.BIO (from here: Download BIOS Update [BCZ6810H.86A]) and place it in the root folder of this USB 2.0 flash disk.
                        3. Properly eject the flash disk from the PC (i.e. open Windows Explorer, right-click on the icon for this flash disk and then choose Eject).
                        4. Power off the DZ68BC system and remove A/C power (i.e. unplug A/C power cord from system's power supply).
                        5. Open the system.
                        6. Remove the CR2032 battery from the socket on the board.
                        7. Wait 15 minutes.
                        8. Insert the CR2032 battery back into the socket on the board.
                        9. Remove the jumper from the BIOS Configuration header on the board. With the rear of the machine closest to you, the header will be found near the right-hand edge of the board just above the (blue) Front Panel USB 3.0 connector. The jumper will be yellow and this should be the only yellow jumper you see on the board.
                        10. Insert the USB 2.0 flash disk into one of the (black) USB 2.0 ports on the back panel of the board. Do not use (blue) USB 3.0 ports. Do not front panel USB ports (regardless of type).
                        11. Plug the A/C power cable back into the system and press the power button. The PC should start the BIOS recovery process. An on-screen display of its progress will appear. Wait for it to say that it is done.
                        12. If you see no display of the progress of the recovery process, wait at least 15 minutes (just in case the process is proceeding without display).
                        13. Power off the system and remove the A/C power cord.
                        14. Restore the jumper to pins 1-2 of the BIOS configuration header.
                        15. Power on the system.
                        16. If the BIOS proceeds through POST, hit F2 to enter BIOS Setup. If it does not POST, you can skip remaining steps.
                        17. In BIOS Setup, press F9 key followed by 'Y' key to reset the BIOS Configuration.
                        18. From the main BIOS Setup screen, scroll down to the "Additional System Information" entry and press the Enter key. Scroll down to the bottom of the display and verify that the Management Engine firmware number is not blank and not If it is blank or displays as, you can skip the remaining steps.
                        19. Press the ESC key to leave this scene.
                        20. Scroll down and properly set the date and time.
                        21. Work your way through the other configuration scenes and make any other changes to the BIOS Configuration that are absolutely necessary in order for you to boot (i.e. boot order, etc.).
                        22. Press the F10 key followed by the 'Y' key to save the BIOS configuration and exit BIOS Setup.
                        23. You should be able to boot to Windows now. If you see any messages displayed by the Express BIOS Update program, you can ignore them.


                        If you hit one of the "skip the remaining steps" points, what you should do it remove your video card, plug one of your monitors into a video connector on the back of the board and then start from the beginning of the process again. If this too doesn't work, well, it means that you have likely bricked the BIOS permanently (why, I cannot say from here) and you will need to replace the board (probably a good time to upgrade to something newer).


                        Hope this helps; let me know...


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                          Sir ,

                          I have a question regarding the flash drive does that need to be bootable usb drive or any drive also the root folder - the first blank space in it thank you going to post the result soon please see to it sir

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                            No, bootable is not required.


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                              Sir , whatever that you told me i did but it's not displaying nothing yet it is still locked to 00 POST CODE. Is my motherboard bricked . I have heard about bios change can't I do that with new bios chip?

                              thank u for your support

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                                Dear Sir,

                                as you told me that my mobo is bricked therefore I bought a new one but that is of different chipset also different company actually its a cheap motherboard of $60 but as i booted into the system it already had my previous setting and also the os was same i didn't had to install anything and on logging in . It said intel express bios update was unsuccessful. for my previous bricked motherboard do I need to install everything again or can I work like this only? so can I do anything about my motherboard ?

                                please reply sir

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                                  There is no way to recover the board via changing the BIOS flash IC as Intel does not provide the BIOS in an unsecured form and this would be necessary to use a flash programmer. You also cannot copy the flash IC from another DX68BC board. This is because your board's branding - serial number, UUID, MAC Address, etc. - are also stored in the flash IC and would be wiped out by the programming operation. As the same time, the branding of the board you copied from would be copied to your board and this would be shared (hint: shared MAC Address is a bad thing). Now, I have the ability to recover this board properly (provided there is no physical problem with the board), but the cost of shipping it to me and back again would be far higher than purchasing a replacement board.


                                  Bottom line, you've done the only thing that you could, namely replace the board.


                                  Now, as I said earlier, you can just ignore the messages from the Express BIOS Update program. What you do need to worry about, however, is any differences in the features of the new motherboard. There might be, for example, differences in the LAN hardware used on the board (all Intel boards utilized Intel LAN silicon, while many 3rd-party boards utilize cheap silicon from RealTek and other providers). Bottom line, you should install all of the drivers that came with the new board. You should also go to the support site for this board and download and install the latest BIOS release and and newer driver packages that you find there.


                                  Enjoy your new board,


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