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    C612 的晶片組 SMB bus 問題


      請問一下 C612 的晶片組如何設定 SDA 被 slove 端拉死(LOW) clock 還可以繼續打,我們測過C222 的晶片 SDA 即使被 Slove 端拉死 Clock 還可以持續的輸出,但 C612 SDA 被拉LOW Clock 就停了@@@

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          Translation from Chinese for other readers (slightly mangled by Google Translate):


          TITLE: C612 chipset SMB bus problem


          Message: (COW2) clock can also continue to play,  We measured the C222 chip SDA.  Even if the Slove ('Solve'?  Marty)  end pull, the clock can also continue to output, but the C612 SDA was pulled LOW Clock It stopped

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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Hi AlanChang,

            I understand you have an Intel® server chipset C612 with SMBus issue. I am sorry for this inconvenience.
            In regard to the Intel® chipset C612, this belongs to a server component and issues with SMBus are usually handled by installing the Intel® Chipset Device Software, my recommendation is to contact your computer manufacturer for appropriate drivers for your computer model.

            if you have an Intel® Server board, please access the following site for server support:


            Allan J.

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              Thanks Allan!   I'll add a Chinese translation of what you said in case AlanChang does not know how to use the forum's Translate feature. 





              我明白你有一个英特尔®服务器芯片组C612与SMBus问题。 很抱歉给您带来不便。