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    I need the bios chip location


      I need the bios chip location for intel MB Model# 684854-001 (Larrybird-B) category LGA

      1155. I have tried to find a diagram of this motherboard but no luck. There are no distinct markings on the various chips on this motherboard to indicate it such as red dot, blue dot, etc.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello JamesA45,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          Unfortunately with the number you kindly provided I was not able to find anything, we will need the motherboard model to better assist you; you should be able to find the model in the BIOS or on the motherboard itself.
          Can you locate the motherboard to better assist you?
          Ivan U.

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            I don't remember this as being the codename for any of the desktop (client) board products, so it must have been from elsewhere else (mobile/server/CRB). I have some general hints for where to look. With the board's back panel facing you (down), I would look first in the upper right-hand quadrant of the board and typically fairly close to the top edge. Unless this is a very old board, the flash component will be an 8-pin device that is roughly a quarter-inch square. It often has a black (marker) dot on it. If this is a CRB or pre-production board, it will likely be in a socket (allowing removal) rather than soldered to the board.


            Hope this helps,


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              The desktop is an Envy Touchsmart 20-D013w. The motherboard model number is 684854-001 The HP name is Larrybird-B. Intel makes this board. I have not been able to find any info elsewhere on the layout. Usually the bios chip is marked with a colored dot but this one does not have that identifier. I thought surely intel would have that info. BTW the class category in an LGA1155.

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                BTW I have the replacement chip. It does have a blue orientation marker. It is an eight pin (4 per side) soldered chip. No such marker exists on any chip on this board.

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                  Al Hill

                  If the board was made for HP, then HP has the information you need.


                  Contact HP for more information.