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    Install CD won't boot


      Just purchased a DZ77BH-55K M.B. (discontinued but read the z77 runs XP)  .  I can't boot to the install CD on two different computers, (but other CDs do boot).


      PLEASE, how can I load the drivers by using another method.  I've copied the CD files to a thumb drive.  Can I use a Windows Restore function to reach the drivers -- or WinPE    or   ???




      Thank you, thank you.

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          I am not sure that I follow what you are asking. Is this an official Windows XP installation CD (or image or one burned to CD) or something that you cooked up yourself?

          Actually, I did have a thought: Do you have UEFI enabled in the BIOS? If so, disable it. Because of its age, Windows XP does not have support for UEFI.



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            N. Scott,



            Thanks so much for your reply.  My system is an old legal xp sp3 home 32 bit system I've used for many years.    I just replaced the old Abit M.B. with an intel DZ77BH-55K.


            I need to boot to the intel CD to install its new drivers to my XP system, but my computer (and a 2nd Win7) will not boot to that CD.  The XP bios goes directly to my hard drive and, of course, XP immediately crashes.


            I confirmed my proper boot sequence by successfully booting to a misc CD on each machine.


            Can you please give me a few directions - on how to boot to  ?something?  via CD,  that will allow me to install the drivers from my thumb drive?


            Thanks for the "UEFI"  warning !!



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              The CD that came with your board is not bootable. You insert it when you have Windows 7 running and it will support the installation of board-specific drivers.


              Ok, that said, don't do it! The drivers on the CD are horribly out of date and you will need to install others regardless.


              I recommend that, using another computer, you go to the downloads page for your board (here: Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board DZ77BH-55K) and download all of the driver and software packages that are for your version of Windows and that are marked as being the "Latest" (in version column). Download these driver package onto a USB 2.0 flash disk and, with Windows 7 already installed and running, insert this flash disk into one of the board's (black) USB 2.0 ports and then run each of these installation packages.


              The other thing that I recommend is that you download and install the latest available BIOS for the board. It too can be found using the above link. Download file BH0100.BIO and place it onto a USB flash disk. Follow the instructions provided here: Intel Desktop Boards BIOS Update Instructions and install this BIOS onto the board. I would do this BEFORE installing Windows.


              Hope this helps,


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                Thank you ...S   !!!!!!!!!!!



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