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    i7 6700 HD Graphics 530 - different resolution on identical screens


      I connected a second screen on my computer but

      • one screen shows 2560x1440 pixel (connected via HDMI)
      • second screen shows only 1920x1080 pixel (connected via a DVI cable - cable was used for a 2560px resolution before, so it should be the right one)


      more information

      • both screens are a BenQ GW2765 screen
      • Mainboard: MSI Z170A GAMING PRO Carbon Z170
      • no graphic card installed just using the Intel Graphics


      I have updated the graphic and main board drivers to the most recent ones I've been able to find.

      The Intel graphics tool on my Windows 10 named one screen "BenQ TV" and one screen "BenQ Display" anyway


      Any chance to run both screens with 2560x1440px by using the integrated Intel graphics?