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    SR300 for smart phone


      I want to make iPad or Android tablet application using SR300.


      I understand that there are no SDK about these OS, could someone tell me a tip for development?



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          Though Intel initially planned to bring in realsense to mobile platforms, but later they decided to kill that initiative. See this post

          intel realsense r200 android sdk


          As pointed out in above post, your options are limited, but you still have options. Are you a pure app developer or a system developer? If you are running android, and have access to the Linux source, first step would be to add uvcvideo driver patch. This will let the Linux identify your realsense camera as a /dev/video device. Then you could use the librealsense and offer some kind of higher level APIs using JNI.

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            Thank you very much for your response!


            I'm not pure app developer. So I'm not familiar with that, I'll investigate it.

            I wish I could hear more about development...