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    NUC6CAYH Wifi problem



      Have Debian 9 installed on an NUC6CAYH and having one or two problems that is keeping things from being perfect.  This one seems simple and I hope someone will make me feel like a fool with something I am just not seeing, but I am not able to get Wifi working on this unit.  I have WICD installed which shows no wifi connections.  Rfkill shows nothing switched off.  I have installed the iwlwifi firmware and noticed the iwlwifi-3168-22.ucode file in the /lib/firmware directory.  Not sure where to go from here.  Please enlighten...


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello kendew,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          In this case, we will need a Debian user to provide us some help to help you with this issue. I’m sure somebody will drop by and give some advice.
          Please bear in mind that Intel only tested this unit with Windows® 10 and for that reason there is no much support we can provide based on Linux* support, in this case you will get better support at the Linux* community, also you can try posting this issue here:
          Best regards,
          Ivan U.

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            Thank you.  Any answer is appreciated.  Have posted in Debian and other forums too, but it is not as easy as you might think!  Sorry Intel only supports Windows 10.  I can understand it is hard to support every possible Linux distro!  I sure would not be able to. 

            But Debian is pretty big, as is Ubuntu which is Deb based had has much in common, so maybe some compassionate Debian user will take pity here.  You see, this is the only forum I know specifically focused on NUC6CAYH so please bear with me.

            Who knows, I bet there is even an Intel genius who secretly likes Linux who might slip me a clue...

            Any, the wifi issue should not be too difficult.  I had a NUC5i5 that I got the wifi working so it is mainly a matter of knowing what the Linux driver is for the hardware.


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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              In this case, we can wait for a Debian user to post some tips here to help you with this issue.
              Ivan U.

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                It seems that Debian user will have to be me who posted the question.

                Anyway, the tearing I experienced was resolved by


                1.  Updating the kernel version to 4.12

                2.  Reinstalling the xserver-xorg-video-intel driver and being sure the intel driver and not modesetting was being used by running inxi -G in a terminal.

                3.  Created the file 20-intel.conf including the following code:

                Section "Device"

                    Identifier "Intel Graphics"

                    Driver "intel"

                    Option "TearFree" "true"



                4.  Since inxi -G returned

                GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel HD Graphics 500 (Broxton 2x6)


                I installed the Broxton related files from https://01.org/linuxgraphics/intel-linux-graphics-firmwares .  To be honest, I don't know if this helped or not.  Nor am I sure if each step above is absolutely necessary.

                In any case, the tearing issue was resolved.