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    Video distortions on scrolling in browsers


      Have Linux Stretch installed on an NUC6CAYH.  (Openbox WM).  A nice match of OS and machine in many ways, but there are some noticeable visual distortions when scrolling in web browsers, kind of like ripples on a pond.

      I know there has been updates for Windows graphics, but would like to know how to install graphic updates for Linux.  Stretch is using Kernel 4.9.  I tried installing DMC firmware 1.07 but this was not any help. The unit was manufactured in May 2017.

      Grateful for any help here.


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello kendew,


          Thank you for joining the Intel® NUC community.


          Just like you mentioned the drivers available for this model are intended for Windows® 10 which is the official supported operating system, we do know that a lot of users are successfully using Linux distro's on their units; however, from our end there are no drivers available for this Linux distro and your Intel® NUC model. I would recommend checking the Linux forum for peer to peer assistance on this matter, see the community here: Linux Forums.


          If you have more questions, please let us know.



          Amy C.

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            I am pursuing this at other forums, but this forum is the only one I can find specifically for NUC6CAYH so have a little pity please even for those whose OS of choice is not Windows 10.

            To be more specific, there is a page, https://01.org/linuxgraphics/intel-linux-graphics-firmwares , with some firmware files for graphics but I don:t know which to install.


            I:m not expecting the perfect answer here, clues would be fine.  I would like to know if anyone else experiences this problem, and I would like to know if any Linux users do not experience this problem.  And if you do not, what kind of Linux, what kernel, and anything else relevant. 

            Thank you


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              Intel Corporation
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              Kendew, my apologies for the inconvenience.


              Based on the link you provided, this Intel® NUC would not support it; it states that the products are Kabylake, Skylake, Broxton and your Intel® NUC is from products formerly as Arches Canyon.


              Hope that the community can help with this matter.



              Amy C.

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                Thank you for your contribution.

                I understood the NUC6CAYH was based on Kaby Lake processor.  Also the fix worked for the guy who wrote that page.

                Is the NUC6CAYH video chip not related to Kaby Lake but to Arches Canyon?


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                  LOL! There's a lot of confusion here! Let's straighten things out...


                  1. There is no video chip (per se); the graphics engine is built into the processor itself.
                  2. Arches Canyon (AY for short) is the internal codename for the NUC6CAYH NUC.
                  3. Taking you into codename hell... The Celeron J3455 processor used in this NUC is part of the Apollo Lake family of desktop processors. Apollo Lake is designed around the Goldmont processor microarchitecture, which borrows heavily from the Skylake Core microarchitecture. As a result, this processor utilizes the same graphics driver as the Skylake Core processors - which, at this point, happens to be the same graphics driver that is also being utilized for the Kaby Lake Core processors.


                  Clear as mud?



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                    Well, the waters are already pretty murky, but I think this is a nice little machine and I don't want just one flaw to get in the way.  There are some good points to this machine and I'm also working with Debian people on this.  Each bit of information helps, and you never know when something might just click into place, but I think the worst answer is no answer.  I really want to make this machine work!

                    Scott, could you then tell me how Broxton fits into this scheme of things?  There was also firmware for that at https://01.org/linuxgraphics/intel-linux-graphics-firmwares .


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                      It seems that Debian user will have to be me who posted the question.

                      Anyway, the tearing I experienced was resolved by


                      1.  Updating the kernel version to 4.12

                      2.  Reinstalling the xserver-xorg-video-intel driver and being sure the intel driver and not modesetting was being used by running inxi -G in a terminal.

                      3.  Created the file 20-intel.conf including the following code:

                      Section "Device"

                          Identifier "Intel Graphics"

                          Driver "intel"

                          Option "TearFree" "true"



                      4.  Since inxi -G returned

                      GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel HD Graphics 500 (Broxton 2x6)


                      I installed the Broxton related files from https://01.org/linuxgraphics/intel-linux-graphics-firmwares .  To be honest, I don't know if this helped or not.  Nor am I sure if each step above is absolutely necessary.

                      In any case, the tearing issue was resolved.  If I did it over I would do steps 2 and 3 first, and then update the kernel (step 1) at the end.

                      My research also found that compositing can help solve tearing problems.  In my case I already had compton installed, but anyone using Window Managers like Openbox (as I am) instead of full Desktop Environments in Linux might want to look into this.  Also, with compton there are any number of options available as to enable glx and vsync.

                      Under vsync there are options such as drm, opengl, opengl-oml, opengl-swc, and opengl-mswc.  These options work well with specific drivers and not with others.  In the case of the NUC6CAYH I am not sure which options work best.  In my case, what I tried just caused problems and just set compton to enable shadows.


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                        Intel Corporation
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                        Kendew thank you for letting us know this information. I am pretty sure it will help other users in the community.



                        Amy C.