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    IRST15.7.1.1015_RS2_20170718 drivers are broken


      I recently updated the irst drivers for my Asus Maximus Hero VIII to IRST15.7.1.1015_RS2_20170718 the latest driver from asus, since installing my Raid 0 drivers do not sleep instead they get stuck in a loop trying to shutdown over and over again making my hard drive led stay on solid and the drives make noise constantly, when I shut the system down I can hear the drives making a similar noise, trying to turn off but not able and so they keep retrying until the system turns off, I thought maybe it was just the raid drives but after unplugging and leaving a single 4tb Seagate drive connected I have the same issue and can hear the drive making the same noises as the raid array attempting to turn off but unable so the drives just keep trying in a repetitive noise loop.


      I have reinstalled the drivers a number of times but the issue remains, if I go back to the IRST_Win7-81-10_V14501081 the problem is gone.


      I have also contacted Asus about the issue