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    Does the TinyB bluetooth library work for non-intel hardware?



      I read the guide here: https://software.intel.com/en-us/java-for-bluetooth-le-apps

      On how to use the open-source TinyB library with Java for bluetooth LE applications.

      It has information on how to use TinyB with Intel Edison boards.

      Unfortunately I cannot use such boards, I have hardware that connects a sensor to an nRF52840 bluetooth chip by Nordic Semiconductor.

      I need to send the bluetooth data to a Java desktop application and I am wondering if I can use TinyB to do this?

      In the guide it says: "TinyB exposes simple C++ and Java APIs for using Bluetooth low energy devices."

      So it seems it could work for any Bluetooth LE device? But I am not quite sure and I need to find out before I spend a lot of time researching this solution.

      Any help is appreciated!