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    Hey, Intel driver-makers! Need SMART in Matrix/Rapid !!!!


      Why did Intel rewrite interface of the driver but didn't do anything useful?

      (actually, new interface sucks. it is noninformative, very slow and dangerous, as "delete array" option is easy to click on occasion.)


      When I have my drives failed in RAID, I can't even check are the drives OK in hardware?

      There's no SMART status at all! Even in driver console's system report :-(

      This is not hard to implement such useful feature... But do Intel hate users? Maybe they are making troubles on purpose? WHY!? 8 years and nothing did improve.

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          Because the RAID array appears as a hard drive to the O/S, accesses to it using the standard driver IOCTL calls for S.M.A.R.T. cannot penetrate to the physical drives underneath. You have to use special IOCTLs in order to perform this penetration...


          If you download the SDK for Intel(R) Quiet System Technology (QST), it includes the source code for a DLL (the libSMART DLL) that includes the necessary support for extracting S.M.A.R.T. information from the individual drives. You can access this DLL from a program of your own making to extract and display this information. There is also a test function included in the DLL that you can use to perform the extraction and display a dump of the S.M.A.R.T. attributes. The main module for the DLL (libSMART.c, found in folder src\Libraries\Windows) includes sample code at the bottom that, if activated by defining symbol TESTING_DLL_FUNC, will build a program (instead of a DLL) that performs this dump for all drives detected (whether within RAID array(s) or not). There is no project file included for building this (as a) test program, however; you will have to craft this yourself. Alternatively, you could copy this test code to a separate module and build a program that works with the DLL. There is source for a sample program, QstDiskTest (in folder src\Services\QstDiskServ), that at least partially shows how this DLL can be utilized. An alternative is to augment this program using some of that test code to make it (also) do the attribute dump...

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            I perfectly understand that it is possible do acces any drive directly in SOFT-RAID array.




            But do you know that Intel matrix manager accesses and checks  SMART statuses on it's own!

            It just doesn't give a hint to user what is the exact state of the drive!


            Do you understand, that if there are 30 reallocates or SATA errors appeared for two days – this is a signal to immediate maintenance! But overall smart status says OK!


            There are many problems when drives fail due to bugs in Matrix manager (remember ver. 8.9 that is still available to download!!!)

            And if drive fail, RAID fail, you could never tell, is this a drive's problem or Intel Matrix problem.


            I've paid extra fee to purchase especially ICHxR southbridge! Why must I write an extra program to do what is already done by driver itself, but isn't displayed to user!?


            conclusion: Intel is an enemy of SOHO clients. they force clients to incur losses from failures or to move to more advanced corporate (SUN ?) and very expensive systems.

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              I cannot comment on what features they do or do not support or what issues that might or might not have; I am not involved with that product and I simply do not know. You asked if there was any developer-level software available that would provide access to this information and I answered your question...

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                Ah, sorry. I assumed, this is support forum where "developers" are only on the side of Intel.


                They mixed everything in one place this year to better isolate themselves from user complains.

                To mention, "direct" link for support in driver redirects to 3rd party chat with support and this chat doesn't work at all.



                "You asked if there was any developer-level software "

                Yes, I know about this theoretical possibility... but to dig this pile...

                I'ts easier to move to win2003 server's Microsoft-level soft-raid... using AMD board with AMD processor, hehehe

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                  Hale, I'm with you 100%. I recently posted a similar lament about SMART data not being available with the new RST drivers (discussion was mainly about TRIM if I recall). I think Intel hasn't caught up to the increasing use of RAID in personal and SOHO computers. I suspect until recently, only a small percentage of gamers, enthusiasts and tech savvy SOHO users were buying/building RAID systems. Now I think it's becoming more mainstream, but Intel has to realize the resources needed to better support RAID in non-enterprise systems is now justified. Tons of RAID users hang out here. Make your voices heard!

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                    This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you very much. I will now look at libSMART.c.