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    Enable IOport 0x1700 on Atom.


      The current release of our test board is based on I7 and the C216 Chipset. We are mapping two CPLDs on IOports 0x700 and 0x1700 through the LPC bus. To enable these ranges we run at startup:  "setpci -s 00:1f.0 VENDOR_ID+0x88.L=0x00fc0701" and "setpci -s 00:1f.0 VENDOR_ID+0x8C.L=0x00fc1701".


      Recently we traded the I7+Chipset for an Atom E3800 processor. With this platform the LPC bus is morphed into an PCU-LPC legacy bus. I, no longer find in the LPC register map the BAR registers allowing me to enable IOport ranges.


      QUESTION: How can I enable the IOport pages at 0x700 and 0x1700 with my new Atom architecture ?