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    Display sync issues


      Hi guys,


      I'm experiencing the following issues with my new NUC Skull NUC6i7KYK I bought a few days ago:

      1. If display is configured to switch off automatically, it doesn't turn on back again until I power my TV off / on or reconnect HDMI cable.
      2. Periodically (not always) there is a bit of a text blurring and slight mouse lag (like a bit of inertia) occurring when I switch between Windows profiles. I discovered that when I change some of the driver settings like sync rate for example, it comes back to normal and works perfectly until next time. It is strange as it doesn't happen all the time and seems like a sync issue between video card and the TV. I never experienced these issues in the past though I had two different PCs connected to the same TV.


      My configuration:

      • OS: Windows 10 Pro
      • Driver: Intel HD Graphics driver
      • TV: Sony Bravia KD-55X8505B (connected via HDMI)
      • BIOS: Latest KYSKLi70.86A 0049


      Thank you.