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    S1200SPLR/P4000XXSFDR high speed fan throttle up for no apparent reason


      Has anyone come a cross this issue or a similar issue.


      Here is what we are seeing. For no reason at all that we can see the fans while throttle up to high speed and remain "screaming" until the server is restarted. The problem is random but does happen on a regular basis. The system has all the latest firmware, it is running 32GB DDR4 2133 RAM E3-1230V6 (similar problems with 1230V5). L1 support tells me it is a memory issue because the memory isn't Intel validated. The RAM in use is Crucial and is guaranteed compatible. I am sure many of us use Crucial RAM and excellent results. Intel insists that non validated memory is causing the problem yet cannot provide me with a source to get this "validated memory".  The Intel support guy is really trying his best but so far, results are mediocre.


      Any input will be helpful.



      Case  solved