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    Configuring 4x10G on XL710-QDA2




      I have 2 Cars Type XL710QDA2 and I'd like to use Mellanox MAM Modules to use each port with 1x10G. NVM on both cards is 5.05. I set both cards to 4x10, but one card is not responsive after reboot anymore. How to change modes and how to get the other card back to life?






      NVM: 5.05

      QCU v2.27.10.01

      i40e: 2.1.26






      ./qcu64e /devices

      Intel(R) QSFP+ Configuration Utility


      QCU version: v2.27.10.01

      Copyright(C) 2016 by Intel Corporation.

      Software released under Intel Proprietary License.


      NIC Seg:Bus Ven-Dev   Mode    Adapter Name

      === ======= ========= ======= ==================================================

      1) 000:003 8086-1583 Error: Connection to driver failed.

      2) 000:004 8086-1583 4x10    Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter XL710-


      Error: Base driver is not available for this adapter. Please ensure the driver is correctly attached to the device.