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    Write file into USB flash disk with intel edison


      Could anyone tell me how to write a file into USB flash disk on Intel Edison?  Or how can i access the USB disk through edison. Because I want to write the program log into the disk instead of into edison. Thanks for any help.

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          Hi Mozzie,
          Thanks for reaching out.
          In order to use your USB flash drive in the Edison, first, you need to verify that its file system is in a compatible format like FAT32 and then follow this steps to mount a flash drive on Edison:

          • mkdir /media/flash_drive_directory
          • mount /dev/sda1 /media/flash_drive_directory
          Note: look for the flash drive in the directory /dev or use ls /dev/sd* command, it should appear as sda1 or sdb1.
          Now you should be able to connect a USB flash drive and write your content in /media/flash_drive_directory.
          Hope you find this information useful.
          -Yermi A.