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    i5 4670k possible underperformance


      I have a problem with my cpu where it hits 100% usage at times when it really should not. In games (R6S (if the fps is over 80), Bf4 (sometimes), BF1 (often), Titanfall 2 and more) this becomes a problem since alot of things start to suffer such as fps, sound and sensitivity. Video editing also becomes a haggle since videos can't be edited in real time, every frame has to be prerendered which takes alot of extra time. The cpu is being cooled by a Cooler Master 212x and artic silver 5 and is not overheating, it maxes out around 60 degrees C. It isn't underclocked and all cores stands between 3.4 and 3.6 GHz. It also fails the PCH test but I don't know if this should affect performance when the pc is booted. I am not entirely sure if it the problem came out of the box or if it showed up recently. I started to notice really notice the bottleneck around 1 year ago when I upgraded my gpu and could start to run games at better graphics.


      Gpu: Rx 480 8gb

      Motherboard: MSI B85M-G43

      Ram: Kingston DDR3 1333MHz 8gb

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          First of all, the PCH is the "chipset" for your system. It is essentially the master I/O controller for your system. With the exception of of the PCIe lanes for graphics (and perhaps a secondary PCIe connector or two) that come directly out of the processor, everything else comes from or goes through the PCH -- USB, SATA, LAN, AUDIO, other PCI/PCIe lanes, the LPC bus, the SPI bus, etc. and etc. and etc. If your PCH is not working properly, your system is likely not going to run at anywhere near peak efficiency either.


          Seeing a PCH failure could be an indication of a true H/W failure or it could simply be a driver issue. Are you sure that you have all of the related drivers installed -- and specifically the Intel Chipset Software (formerly "INF Update") package? If it is a H/W issue, it is usually not the processor; it is usually an issue on the motherboard.


          Hope this helps,


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