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    Help choosing a CPU for gaming


      Hello, I have decided to make a custom built PC (Ill build it myself). I have run into a problem with choosing a proper CPU for me: i5 or i7? I will use the PC for gaming mostly. Unless Nvidia hurries up with the new DX11 cards, I’ll get an ATI HD 5850 card. The max price I’m willing to spend on a CPU is 300 Euro(400$). The problem I have is: both i7-930 and i7-860 cost SAME (260 Euro) in my local store. I’m not really good with hardware, so I thought you could help me. My TOTAL PC budget is max 1000 Euro, EXCLUDING monitor, speakers etc. Got any suggestions?

      I heard that you can get the i7-930 up to 4 GHz on air cooling (http://www.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=22622) , so I’m considering buying that.

      Concerning the i7-930 I have only 1 last question: what’s the maximum multiplier (21 is default I think).


      tl;dr: Got any suggestions for a good CPU at a reasonable price (300 Euro/400$), which will be used mainly for gaming?

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          The 930 is really no better then the 860 the cost really comes down to X58 vs P55 and how much RAM you need so for 6GB or more like 9GB or 12GB go X58 for 4GB or 8GB go P55.


          True you can run 4GB or 8GB on a X58 but its a bit pointless.


          maximum multiplier for both is 21 without Turbo Boost.

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            I would recommend going with an i7 processor due to the hyperthreading speeds it has over the i5. With the processor you choose it will come down to the amount of RAM you are wanting to use. If you want to have two sticks of RAM then go with the 860 since it supports dual channel memory and will utalize the memory better. If you plan on having three sticks of RAM go with the 920 due to its support of triple channel memory/