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    Problem with Intel Unite Plugins


      Hello there,


      I've just received my Dell Optiplex 7050 and I've Installed the Small Business Intel Unite solution 3.1 Version.


      I've been testing it and it works fine, but when I tried to install plugins looks like they are not working,

      I need to use the guestacess plugin but I cannot get it work.


      If I go to settings I can't see the plugins label:




      If I click on "Next button" 2 times I can get the Plugins Label and looks like the guest access plugin is installed:




      When I connect using the Intel unite client, cant see the Guest access icon:




      I've tried some solutions like add the firewall excepcion, etc.. but still same result.


      I think that the plugins are not working in the small business solution? any ideas?


      Kind regards,