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    What is the explanation of the systematic and high usage behaviour of CPU cores with a given software?


      Hello everyone,


      I beg your patience with me being new to having 10 cores in his PC. If it is the usual for some people to have 8, 10, 12, .. cores in their systems, I never had a PC with more than 4 cores. So, again, I really beg your patience while you are going through my scenario.


      My scenario is reported through a sequence of three attached figures every of each is a print screen of the CPU cores performance through the Task Manager window. The whole scenario is centred around the CPU cores usage by python.exe (a running program written with Python programming language) through PyCharm (an IDE for developing python projects).


      Figure 1:

      • The event is: Opening PyCharm.
      • The resulted usage of the 20 logical processors: all of them showed a sudden usage at the same time with a similarity in their behaviours.
      • The questions here:
        • why all the processors were used in executing one program (the PyCharm in our case)?
        • why all the processors showed a similarity in terms of the amount of usage and the timing?


      Figure 2:

      • The event is: nothing is happening, just one minute after starting the PyCharm program without running any code.
      • The resulted usage of the 20 logical processors: all of them showed low usage.
      • The questions here: not questions, the aim of this figure just to report in-the-middle situation.


      Figure 3:

      • The event is: running a python code through PyCharm, the size of used data 155 MB, the used libraries are scikit-learn (a machine learning library) and gensim (a topic modelling library), the whole task is to perform a topic modelling inferred from the provided data.
      • The resulted usage of the 20 logical processors: 15 of them were in low usage state, 4 of them were in up-down usage state, and one of them, which is the CPU 18, was in 100% usage all the time until the end of code running event.
      • The questions here:
        • Why every time I run the python code, the CPU 18 usage is 100%?
          • Why full usage?
          • Why specifically CPU 18, not a different one every time?
          • Will I end after one month or year with an affected poor core of my 10 cores?
        • Does CPU 18 represent the same physical core every time I run my PC?



      I wish that I could make my scenario clear, and I also wish that I'm not asking about the obvious, at least, for people in my modest knowledge of how CPUs are working. There are two major reasons why I'm asking you and why you would kindly help me: (1) I'm curious to understand such CPU cores behaviours and (2) I'm spending big amount of my budget on such CPU that I wish to be lasted (at least, until I finish my 3 years research project). Thank you in advance, for all your effort, starting from reading this long case, and maybe ending with a possible explanation.


      Best regards,

      Alderasus Ghaliamus