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    (new) Intel i5 7600 CPU COOLER NOISE!! (2700RPM)


      Hi guys,


      I have buy a new gaming pc after 2 days.

      After starting the pc (first use) making the CPU cooler from intel a lot of noise..

      I looked from a software and making 2700rpm, is this normal for a standard user?

      I'm using it now for internet browsing in 2700rpm..

      The CPU temp is around 35°C - 39°C..


      My previous pc did not sound so much, Only made 961 rpm, and this new pc making it around 2700 rpm..

      Is this normal?

      Does the CPU cooler not have to do around 1000 rpm when I do not play game or execute a heavy program?


      my pc specs: http://imgur.com/QyhXe0J

      CPU: i5 7600

      GPU: gtx 1060 6gb

      ram: 8gb

      motherboard: asus h110m-r

      PSU: corsair 550watt


      RPM in bios, i changed to silents but nothing changes in bios settings: http://imgur.com/BWBHRaT

      Here's a video of my PC that makes sound: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3BDPR0tqUXhTGZWVkdmMjYtdFU


      plz help me, pc is new,   And some people say that 2500 rpm - 3000 rpm was meant to keep my system cool, but when i google, keeping around 2700rpm, And makes a lot of noise, While previous PC did not do much noise (960 rpm) .


      Maybe you know something.