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    Intel ProSet Drivers ( - 04/10/2017) and CM_DEVCAP_REMOVABLE capabilities flag


      Hello Community,

      I am installing these drivers for AHCI operation on an Asus Q87M motherboard in Windows 10 LTSB 1607.  Upon installing the drivers I see that the USB "safely remove device" icon shows up in the system tray for the boot drive (C:\).  I am unable to disable HotPlug in the BIOS/UEFI for this particular port (otherwise this would be a non-issue).  It appears that the Intel RST drivers set the CM_DEVCAP_REMOVABLE flag to 1 because I don't see this flag set if I let the Microsoft standard drivers get installed during the Windows installation process.  This leads me to believe that the Intel RST ProSet drivers must be setting this flag.  From research I have found where in the registry this value/flag resides and I have been able to change it and see the systemtray icon go away, however, upon a restart it comes back.  This tells me that Windows must be polling the iaStorA drivers on every boot.  So my question is, is there a place anywhere in some configuration files where I can specify the drivers to not set this flag during ProSet driver installation process?  I have looked in the "64bit" folder where the drivers and .inf files reside and the iaAHCIC.inf looks like the kind of place one would specify something like this but don't see this setting distinctly in this file.


      In short I'm trying to force-disable the removability of the SATA connected device without using the BIOS/UEFI settings (because they are not available).


      Any information would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you!



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      I wrote:

      This tells me that Windows must be polling the storahci drivers on every boot.

      But I meant:
      This tells me that Windows must be polling the iaStorA drivers on every boot.