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    M.2 Key E to SSD



      I bought a NUC6CAYH and installed a normal 2.5" HDD. I want to find out what possibilities do i have to connect a SDD through mPCI-E adapter to the M.2 Key E conenctor. The connector is linked to a USB2, PCI-E 1x lane, I2C, Clink and SDIO. Do you know if it would work with a simple M.2 Key E to mPCI-E adapter, taking into account that it has only one lane? gen.3 mPCI-E speed is bigger than the speed of a SSD, but i think most require minimum 2 lanes.

      Or by using a Key-E to Key-M adapter.



      P.S. Or what other adapting posibilities would i have to extend storage via the M.2 Key E, or at least a GPU?

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          I don't think that you will have any success using it for a M.2 NVMe SSD or for GPU expansion. The connector is really only intended to be used for WiFi support, so there may be limitations to its BIOS support. Still, I guess there is the possibility of finding an E-Keyed M.2 SATA adapter that will allow you to connect SATA SSD/SSHD/HDD drives - and perhaps even use RAID 0/1 across them...


          Hope this helps,


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            Actually, i managed to find a E-Key to mPCI-E and a mPCI-E to SATA. i wonder if there would hare enough room. BUt anyhow, it kind of blows up the budget...the nuc was only 132Euro

            1.P15S-P15F M.2 (NGFF)轉mPCIe延伸板

            2. Amazon.com: I/O Crest Mini PCI-e PCI Express 2 Port SATA III RAID Controller half size Components Other SI-MPE40095: Com…

            Does anyone know where i can get a Key-E to Sata?

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              Actually, my thought was to look for a replacement for the ("bottom") lid that extends the chassis vertically an inch or two (or replaces the chassis completely) and provides spots for mounting 4x 2.5" SATA drives. The (in this case E-Keyed) SATA adapter would need to support RAID 5. The cards available now (and they are all M-Keyed :^( ) that provide support for 4x SATA interfaces only support RAID 0/1/10 - which is useless as far as I am concerned. Hhmmm, this sounds like a good thought to pass on to GORITE...


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                True, the housing is not a problem. 3D printers solve problems like this.


                I thought about proposing this to GORITE and DeLock. But i am not willing to support development costs
                I started looking for M2 Key E to USB...also a nightmare to find. In the end, i could manage with the additional internal 2x USb 2.0 ports...but now this M.2 E task is just bubling my mind...it's not more worth the effort for my PC, but still...i am curios how can it be done...