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    Usb3 XHCI driver for J4205 cpu and Win7


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to install a Win7 64bit build 7600 to an AsRock J4205-ITX (so a cpu J4205) and I don't succeed to install the USB3 XHCI driver.

      Win7 was installed from a sata optical drive with PS2 keyboard and mouse in CSM mode (the only way to bypass the use of usb3 not managed by this old OS).

      Win7 is working, but there's no driver installed for USB (it's normal as there's no XHCI USB driver in Win7)


      The ID of the missing USB controller ressource is VEN_8086&DEV_5AA8

      This board cannot be used/downgraded with a EHCI USB driver due to the recent CPU/chipset.


      The UEFI/bios is a P1.20 version. I tried to contact AsRock for a solution with the USB issue, but no response for the moment.

      In all cases, they don't have a XHCI USB driver for this board in their support section.


      From what I read, the only solution is to use a generic XHCI driver from Intel, specially made for Win7.


      I found this one: Intel(R)_USB_3.0_eXtensible_Host_Controller_Driver_5.0.3.42

      But when I launched the setup, it was stated that "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software".

      The installed OS is clean as it's just setup.


      I found a log (c:\Intel\log\IntelUSB3.log) which seems to be the USB driver log (joined). From what I understand the DEV_5AA8 is not found....


      Is this package (Driver_5.0.3.42) compatible with J4205 serie of processor ? if not, is there another package for it ?

      From where the error "does not meet the minimum requirements" may come ? OS version ?

      Does anybody succeeded to have a functional Win7 + USB ports on a J4205 board ?


      Thanks a lot for your help