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    All in one driver download package for NUC7i3BNH - page has moved or doesn't exist...


      Hello to the NUC fans :-)


      I bought a NUC7i3BNH (delivered tomorrow :-) ) and now I tried to prepare for installation with all the drivers, software, manuals etc...

      When I go to the download area for the NUC7i3BNH there is a list of all downloads... lan driver, gfx, bt etc... and there is a conveniant complete package on top of the download list.

      But this link always results in a 404 error


      The page you requested
      has moved or doesn't exist. (Error 404)


      What next? If you typed in the address, double-check your spelling.

      If you followed a link, it's probably broken, and we've been notified.

      Try finding what you need below:





      Does someone have any clue how to get the complete driver package?