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    Xeon L3110 on Gigabyte 775




      I want buy L3110 for great power economy configuration

      and I want to put it on my Gigabyte P45 chipset

      other Mobo's specification are:

      775 socket


      1333 FSB

      VRD 11.1


      is it compatible with L3110?





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          Double-check on Gigabyte's site, before buying anything.

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            already done ... no useful answer .. the compatibility of the mother board with the processors is the least taken care of technical support, usually because normal users are content to buy mainstream products but a Xeon on a high-performance Mother board (no-server line) is a dinamic solution!


            for example, E3110 and E8400 are the same processor with different clothes and many user put E3110 on their standard 775 Mobo, but many manufacturers (except DFI) ignore it in the compatibility list!

            and this is only one example but there are many example like many xeon models