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    ST1a32WSC  blue light of death




      Well my Compute Stick has finally given me the blue solid light of death.  And having read a number of posts on here I can reassure you that (1) I've tried other monitors, leads and power supplies and (2) I have some deductive powers and can find no way of breathing life back in to the unit.  There is no hdmi output.  So I cannot try any of the standard remedies as there's no output to look at...


      To say that I'm disappointed, after only 9 months of use, would be an understatement.  Using it as part of my small business, it's failure is not insignificant.   And what really irks is that this problem appears to be common - see the thread a while ago from the guy who returned 20 out of 30 of the units he bought. Ouch...   If there was a way to hook in to up to a PC and force a BIOS update I'd willingly give that a go, but there isn't. Nor is there a secret button to factory reset. So it's bricked.  And I'm peeved.


      I have no receipt as this was a gift from my brother in law at Christmas but I've used it from new and it's got my data on it and I'd like it replaced please.


      I live in Wellington, New Zealand, and the unit was bought from PB Tech in Dec 2016.    Please can someone from Intel PM me to arrange a replacement.




      serial. GESC61800H8T