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    RealSense Developer Kit discount offer


      Hi everyone,


      With the introduction in September 2017 of the new super-powerful D415 and D435 RealSense cameras, Intel has announced on the front page of its online Click store that it is transitioning away from the R200, SR300 and the R200-based Robotic Development kit.  Discounts are therefore being offered in the store until September 30 or for as long as supplies last.




      You can visit the Click store at:


      Click Intel to Purchase Computer Spare Parts and Technology Books


      For R200 and Sr300 users who are concerned by this news, 'transitioning away' from selling these cameras does not mean that support for them on this forum is ending.  The R200 is no longer supported in the current RealSense SDK software but help for it is still provided in this forum.  Even the F200 camera, which is older than the R200 and has not been available to buy for a long time, still receives forum support.  So users who have these cameras or have recently purchased one should not be overly concerned.