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      Question 1) I have Intel SSD 750 400GB and DC S3510 480GB. Are they all have over-provisioning(OP) area internally? I am asking about whether the factory-overprovisioning was being accounted or not.


      Question 2) If they all have the OP area, tell me the capacity of the OP area about 750 400GB SSD and DC S3510 480GB SSD individually. Explain to me Why there is the gap 80GB between 750 SSD and DC S3510 SSD.


      Question 3) If they don't have OP area, tell me intel SSD products that have factory-overprovisioning area.

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          Hello Clausewitz,


          To answer your questions, please read below:


          1- All of our drives come with over-provisioning space, which is not included in the advertised capacity.


          2- For you to be aware, for a 400GB SSD, the size reported by Windows* is 372.529GiB
            - For the 480GB, the capacity reported by Windows* is 447.035GiB


          This is not the over-provisioning space difference, the data center drives come with around 15% over-provisioning space and the consumer drives with 7%.


          3- All of our Intel® SSDs come with over-provisioning space.


          Please let us know if you have more questions.


          Nestor C

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