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    R2208WTTYSR - ESXi Fatal Error 10




      Problem: When starting ESXI, the error message "Fatal Error: 10" occurs and the VmWare does not start.


      I found this with VmWare and have this also in the BIOS set up:

      "To workaround this issue the BIOS setup option to allocate the MMIO space required by adapters in the memory space above 4GB."

      But the problem remains.



      VmWare ESXI 6.5.0a



      2x SSDs RAID 1

      4x SAS HDD RAID 5

      1x SAS HDD Spare


      The RAID module finds the SSD and the HDDs. The ESXi can also be installed on the SSDs with RAID 1.


      Does anyone have an idea why the ESXi does not want to start?


      Many thanks in advance.