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    Intel HD 630/620/610 or any 7th gen integrated graphics in Windows 7


      LEGEND: w7 = windows 7

      w10 = windows 10

      NOTE: First of all, I didn't do any research or what so ever. I just did this on my own and after it worked I found a youtube video about it. My current integrated graphics is Intel HD 620. I did this because I wanted to prove that 7th gen processors do work in Windows 7. I had only 1 update(there's a tutorial for this) for w7.


      I always wanted to use W7 because of more performance, but due to the fact that microsoft blocked all updates for kaby lake, all of us don't have any choice but to use W10.


      Right now, I had it(HD 620) installed and didn't test games yet but will soon.



      Does it affect something on the processor?

      Will it destroy my laptop? ()



      Intel hd 620 - on windows 7