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    How to update Asset information on EOL boards?


      I've got a few DQ77MK & DQ87PG boards that have missing or incorrect Asset information in the BIOS.


      Problem 1) The latest Intel Integrator Toolkit (6.1.6) says you need to boot to the UEFI shell, but as far as I can tell, the DQ77MK doesn't have one. I have which requires .itk files, which are not available for this board. Is there a version available for this one?


      Problem 2) The DQ87 does, but when I use the only available ITK (6.1.6), the command line seems to change the information (I went through and changed each item to be sure and it shows in the itek6 -s -p) but the ASSET doesn't register in MDT. Could this because it's the wrong version of the Toolkit? If so, where can I get the appropriate version?

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          Your best bet is to get the version specifically implemented to support these board generations, namely V5.0.4.575. Intel does not have this version posted for download, but I see that it is available in a few places on the web. Search for file "ITK_5.0.4.575.MSI".



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            Thanks. That's part one.


            I've figured out vcust and even found a batch file someone has that should help. The problem is it's not updating the asset information. I used another tool and was able to update all the other tools, but MDT doesn't seem to want to pickup the asset information when entered here. Is there a way to read the information from vcust to verify it has been entered?

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              I think you have a misunderstanding of the process. VCUST is simply preparing a BIOS update file that contains records indicating the customizations you want made. You have to use the BIOS installation process to have this BIOS and/or these updates, installed.


              During the reboot after you have run the update, use F2 to enter BIOS Setup (or Visual BIOS). There is a system information scene that will, for example, display the SMBIOS string information.


              Hope this helps,


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                I figured all that out. I even made a batch file to run all that and it works.


                BTW, the System Information screen in the Visual BIOS was a bit hard to find. Those three little dots that change pages weren't exactly obvious.


                I think the issue had to do with our Assets numbers vs. our computer names. Our assets are six digit numbers and we add a 'D' for decal (imaginative, I know) to the front for Computer Names. I think I had the D in there when I was trying to put the asset information in and MDT wasn't reading it right or was rejecting it. Once I change it to just the six digit format, everything went smoothly.


                Thanks for your help.


                For anyone else who has this issue, make a DOS bootable USB with vcust.exe on it. You can use a batch file like this to change multiple information:

                vcust.exe -SMBIOS -SS=123456-123 -Queue=\AssetFileName.BIO
                vcust.exe -SMBIOS -CS=123456-123 -Queue=\AssetFileName.BIO
                vcust.exe -SMBIOS -CA=123456 -Queue=\AssetFileName.BIO -APPLYQUEUE

                SS=System Serial = System Serial Number

                CS=Chassis Serial Number

                CA=Chassis Asset.

                There are other things you can change as well.

                The -queue option adds those items to a BIO file so you can change multiple items at once.

                The -applyqueue option tells the program to go ahead and apply the information, so that's the last item you want to have in there.