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    Updating ROS packages on Euclid


      It looks as if the ROS packages on the Euclid are "locked" in place.

      I updated the sources file per this link: kinetic/Installation/Ubuntu - ROS Wiki

      It updated the packages but it also clobbered my RealSense driver(s) (actually failed at that point). I assume because it installed stuff that was not specifically for Euclid platform. Which led me down the road of trying to re-install the driver (which was quite a journey). Ultimately I just ended up re-installing the Euclid iso image (which was way easier than trying to do the drivers:)

      It would be nice to keep up-to-date with the changes in ROS Kinetic without having it clobber the existing RealSense drivers. The stuff I developed use packages that aren't installed on Euclid.

      I'm not against re-installing the drivers after an update but it would be nice if it was straight forward or better automated.