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    z270 question


      Hello, I have a doubt, I bought a motherboard with z270 chipset, I wanted to ask here if  know if Intel will support this board(z270) to be able to use coffe lake 8700k. Thankss

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          This is a question you should be asking the board vendor. Even if Intel makes the processor socket compatible, the design of the board and the capabilities of the BIOS could preclude the use of a newer processor. To be compatible, the processor must be supported by the socket, the board and the BIOS.



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            Hi Miranda,


            Coffee Lake will not support Z270 motherboards. There is power delivery and DDR4 changes with Coffee Lake that make it incompatible even though it's the same total number of pins. You'll have to buy a Z370 board during launch or wait until next year for Z390 (which isn't really going to add much over Z370)

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