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    Intel S2600CP ESRT2 recover RAID1 configuration


      I have a system with an S2600CP motherboard and 2 identical hard drives in RAID1 using ESRT2. I went into the ESRT2 configuration utility attempting to remove the RAID while keeping the data on the drives intact, so that I could use one of the drives separately. I read some instructions that I think were for a different type of RAID technology, and accidentally cleared the storage configuration. Now I can't boot from the drives and I'm worried that if I create a new storage configuration it will initialize (meaning wipe?) the drives. The ESRT2 manual doesn't seem to mention a way to create a new configuration without initializing the drives. The BIOS also cannot see the drives at all because they are connected to the ESRT2/RSTe SATA ports and not the normal SATA ports. Should I try plugging one of them into a normal SATA port? How can I recover the data? Since this is a RAID1 and there is no striping I don't see how the data could be permanently lost, right?