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    Troubles with installing chipset driver (Z3800)



      I've install fresh Windows 10 on my Asus E200HA. The first driver I wanted to install is chipset driver from asus suport. But everytime i try to install this driver I've got an error. Here is log:

      18:54:47:737:   >>> Log End
      18:54:48:112:     Found C:\Users\JAROSA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\IIF6AF4.tmp\en-US\IntelCommon.dll. Lang 0409. Rank 1
      18:54:48:222:   Package version:
      18:54:48:266:   Installed version: <Not installed>
      18:54:48:307:   This is a clean install
      18:54:48:343:   Setup mode: Installation
      18:54:48:378:   Looking for OS: 6.0
      18:54:48:415:   OS check passed
      18:54:48:460:   .NET not required, skipping requirement check
      18:54:48:503:   Driver source is C:\Users\Jarosław Zymni\Desktop\inf update\Drivers
      18:54:48:536:   Using folder 'C:\Users\Jarosław Zymni\Desktop\inf update\Drivers' as the driver source
      18:54:48:577:   Scanning all active devices
      18:54:48:693:   Scanning Audio\isstrtc\isstrtc.inf (Name: Audio\isstrtc\isstrtc.inf, Version: 604.10135.6766.9995)
      18:54:48:732:     Section with the best match: IntelSST.NTamd64
      18:54:48:770:       Device: ACPI\VEN_8086&DEV_0F28&SUBSYS_104310B0 (Intel SST Audio Device (WDM))
      18:54:48:833:       Device: ACPI\VEN_8086&DEV_22A8&SUBSYS_104310B0 (Intel SST Audio Device (WDM))
      18:54:48:988:         Matched with: ACPI\VEN_8086&DEV_22A8&SUBSYS_104310B0
      18:54:49:026:         Current driver: oem10.inf
      18:54:49:079:           Name: , Provider: Intel, Version: 604.10135.6766.9995, Section: IntelSSTAudio
      18:54:49:126:     MUP OS bits: 0x3FFFF
      18:54:49:165:   Adding Audio\isstrtc\isstrtc.inf to the map...
      18:54:49:333:   Scanning Graphics\igdlh64.inf (Name: Graphics\igdlh64.inf, Version:
      18:54:49:385:     Section with the best match: IntelGfx.NTamd64.6.2
      18:54:49:422:       Device: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_22B0&SUBSYS_10B01043 (Intel(R) HD Graphics)
      18:54:49:517:         Matched with: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_22B0&SUBSYS_10B01043&REV_22
      18:54:49:565:         Current driver: oem14.inf
      18:54:49:616:           Name: Graphics, Provider: Intel Corporation, Version:, Section: iCHVM_w10
      18:54:49:657:     MUP OS bits: 0x36000
      18:54:49:707:   Adding Graphics\igdlh64.inf to the map...
      18:54:49:802:   Scanning I2C\iai2ce.inf (Name: I2C\iai2ce.inf, Version: 604.10146.2654.7394)
      18:54:49:855:     Section with the best match: Intel.NTamd64
      18:54:49:900:       Device: ACPI\808622C1 (Intel(R) Serial IO I2C ES Controller)
      18:54:49:958:         Matched with: ACPI\808622C1
      18:54:50:000:         Current driver: oem2.inf
      18:54:50:042:           Name: , Provider: Intel Corporation, Version: 604.10146.3025.7394, Section: iai2ce_Device0.NT
      18:54:50:079:         This is a downgrade
      18:54:50:114:     MUP OS bits: 0x36D54
      18:54:50:148:   Adding I2C\iai2ce.inf to the map...
      18:54:50:241:   Scanning IntelBatteryManagement\IntelBatteryManagement.inf (Name: IntelBatteryManagement\IntelBatteryManagement.inf, Version: 604.10146.2803.11117)
      18:54:50:286:     Section with the best match: Standard.NTamd64
      18:54:50:337:       Device: ACPI\INT33FE (Intel(R) Battery Management Device)
      18:54:50:377:     MUP OS bits: 0x3FFFF
      18:54:50:418:   Adding IntelBatteryManagement\IntelBatteryManagement.inf to the map...
      18:54:50:474:   Scanning MBI\MBI.inf (Name: MBI\MBI.inf, Version: 604.10146.2655.573)
      18:54:50:519:     Section with the best match: Standard.NTamd64
      18:54:50:564:       Device: ACPI\VEN_INT&DEV_33BD&REV_0002 (Intel(R) Sideband Fabric Device)
      18:54:50:672:         Matched with: ACPI\VEN_INT&DEV_33BD&REV_0002
      18:54:50:709:         Current driver: oem21.inf
      18:54:50:766:           Name: , Provider: Intel Corporation, Version: 604.10146.2655.573, Section: MBI_Device.NT
      18:54:50:812:     MUP OS bits: 0x36D54
      18:54:50:850:   Adding MBI\MBI.inf to the map...
      18:54:50:894:   Scanning PMIC\pmic.inf (Name: PMIC\pmic.inf, Version: 604.10146.2656.7129)
      18:54:50:936:     Section with the best match: Intel.NTamd64
      18:54:50:975:       Device: ACPI\VEN_INT&DEV_33FD&REV_0003 (Intel(R) Power Management IC Device)
      18:54:51:011:       Device: ACPI\VEN_INT&DEV_33F4&REV_0003 (Intel(R) Power Management IC Device)
      18:54:51:067:       Device: ACPI\VEN_INT&DEV_33F5&REV_0003 (Intel(R) Power Management IC Device)
      18:54:51:177:         Matched with: ACPI\VEN_INT&DEV_33F5&REV_0003
      18:54:51:236:         Current driver: oem23.inf
      18:54:51:273:           Name: , Provider: Intel Corporation, Version: 604.10146.2656.7129, Section: Driver.NT
      18:54:51:318:     MUP OS bits: 0x36D54
      18:54:51:351:   Adding PMIC\pmic.inf to the map...
      18:54:51:400:   Scanning SPI\iaspie.inf (Name: SPI\iaspie.inf, Version: 604.10146.2657.947)
      18:54:51:436:     Section with the best match: Intel.NTamd64
      18:54:51:482:       Device: ACPI\VEN_8086&DEV_228E (Intel(R) Serial IO SPI Controller)
      18:54:51:545:         Matched with: ACPI\VEN_8086&DEV_228E
      18:54:51:594:         Current driver: oem22.inf
      18:54:51:638:           Name: , Provider: Intel Corporation, Version: 604.10146.2657.947, Section: spi_Device_0500.NT
      18:54:51:684:     MUP OS bits: 0x36D54
      18:54:51:726:   Adding SPI\iaspie.inf to the map...
      18:54:51:817:   Scanning TXEI\TXEI.inf (Name: TXEI\TXEI.inf, Version:
      18:54:51:857:     Section with the best match: Intel.NTamd64.6.1
      18:54:51:904:       Device: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2298 (Intel(R) Trusted Execution Engine Interface )
      18:54:51:999:         Matched with: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2298&SUBSYS_10B01043&REV_22
      18:54:52:036:         Current driver: oem1.inf
      18:54:52:079:           Name: TXEI64, Provider: Intel, Version:, Section: TEE_DDI_WIN10_x64
      18:54:52:120:         This is a downgrade
      18:54:52:164:     MUP OS bits: 0x36C00
      18:54:52:216:   Adding TXEI\TXEI.inf to the map...
      18:54:52:258:   Scanning UART\iauarte.inf (Name: UART\iauarte.inf, Version: 604.10146.2653.391)
      18:54:52:289:     Section with the best match: Intel.NTamd64
      18:54:52:324:       Device: ACPI\8086228A (Intel(R) Serial IO UART Controller)
      18:54:52:405:         Matched with: ACPI\8086228A
      18:54:52:451:         Current driver: oem12.inf
      18:54:52:496:           Name: , Provider: Intel Corporation, Version: 604.10146.2653.391, Section: iauarte_Inst.NT
      18:54:52:542:     MUP OS bits: 0x36D54
      18:54:52:586:   Adding UART\iauarte.inf to the map...
      18:54:52:628:   Hardware check: Older version of some INFs are being installed.
      18:54:52:682:   Reading config file : C:\Users\Jarosław Zymni\Desktop\inf update\Config.xml
      18:54:52:732:   Read SocPackageInfo Version : 0x1
      18:54:52:774:   Reading string value
      18:54:52:829:   Read XML SocPackageInfo Root : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, Key : SOFTWARE\Intel\SOCPackageInfo, Value : VersionNumber, Version string name : Version, version string : 105
      18:54:52:879:   Registry key SOFTWARE\Intel\SOCPackageInfo does not exist or can not be read. Error : Unable to read registry value : VersionNumber - Error Code : 2. Assuming the installed version is oldest. Proceeding with installation.
      18:54:52:916:   Preparing UI
      18:54:52:973:   Reading config file : C:\Users\Jarosław Zymni\Desktop\inf update\Config.xml
      18:54:53:016:   Read Title Override : Intel x64 CherryTrail-T Driver Package
      18:54:53:044:   Reading config file : C:\Users\Jarosław Zymni\Desktop\inf update\Config.xml
      18:54:53:095:   Read Title Override : Intel x64 CherryTrail-T Driver Package
      18:54:53:161:   Showing dialog: WELCOME
      18:54:55:222:   Showing dialog: LICENSE
      18:54:58:277:   Showing dialog: CONFIRM
      18:54:59:272:   Started installation thread
      18:54:59:301:   Setup mode
      18:54:59:334:   Reading config file : C:\Users\Jarosław Zymni\Desktop\inf update\Config.xml
      18:54:59:366:   BIOS section is missing in the configuration file. Skipping the BIOS Update.
      18:54:59:406:   Registry checks section is missing in the configuration file. Since there is no BIOS file specified, Skipping the Registry check.
      18:54:59:438:   Read INF file name : MBI.inf
      18:54:59:470:   Read INF file name : iai2ce.inf
      18:54:59:501:   Read INF file name : iauarte.inf
      18:54:59:533:   Read INF file name : iaspie.inf
      18:54:59:569:   Read INF file name : pmic.inf
      18:54:59:608:   Read INF file name : isstrtc.inf
      18:54:59:642:   Read INF file name : igdlh64.inf
      18:54:59:677:   Read INF file name : TXEI.inf
      18:54:59:715:   Read INF file name : IntelBatteryManagement.inf
      18:54:59:753:   NO BIOS File to install!
      18:54:59:782:   Pre-Installing Drivers...
      18:54:59:820:   Pre-installing driver file C:\Users\Jarosław Zymni\Desktop\inf update\Drivers\MBI\MBI.inf
      18:54:59:855:   x64 OS running
      18:54:59:890:   Difx64 execute cmd "C:\Users\Jarosław Zymni\Desktop\inf update\x64\Drv64.exe" -driverinf C:\Users\Jarosław Zymni\Desktop\inf update\Drivers\MBI\MBI.inf -flags 0 -keypath Software\Intel\Difx64 -preinstall
      18:55:00:046:   Read registry subkey Code and value 2
      18:55:00:088:   Read registry subkey Reboot and value 0
      18:55:00:125: E Unable to pre-install driver file : C:\Users\Jarosław Zymni\Desktop\inf update\Drivers\MBI\MBI.inf - error code : 2

      18:55:00:171: E Uninstalling drivers that were previously pre-installed by DriverPackagePreInstall...
      18:55:00:215: E Setup aborted!
      18:55:00:255:   m_nCurrentIndex : 4
      18:55:00:336:   Showing dialog: FINISH



      What should I do? Intel INF only finds graphic driver. I have not install any driver, BIOS is updated. What is correct order of installing drivers?

      Jerry Coolt