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    D510MO displays incorrect CPU temp - 8.0C




      My D510MO displays incorrect CPU temp, usually around 8.0C. I did 2 bios updates, and even the latest one from 8th March, did not resolve this issue.


      My system is Ubuntu 9.10, and sensors command returns the same readouts as the bios hardware monitor (btw, the hardware was recognized as w83627thf). Remaining readout are ok in bios, but sensors seem to not display properly +12V (3,8) +3,3(2,0) and -12V (2.2)


      Any one else with the same issue? The CPU temperature readout is critical for my application as the case can get warm by itself.


      PS. Is the M/B Temp measured at NM10 chipset?


      Thank you all for your help in advance,

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