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    Intel Centrino Wireless N-100 - bad WIFI range


      I'm having the the Aspire 5749 for many years and WIFI went always smoothly. However, I see some degradation in the coverage/range of my WIFI.


      After the years, I've noticed I only reach 1,5 Mbps when being 5m from my router. When I'm just next to the router, I can get 35 Mbps download. During those years, an upgrade to Windows 10 has been performed so I first thought it could be a driver issue. But then I booted an Ubuntu 17.04 Live CD, and I'm experiencing the same issue -> only 1,5 Mbps download speed. So it's definitely not a driver issue. When I do the same test with another laptop/my smartphone, I do get fast download speed - so it's also not a problem related to the router.


      Can a WIFI card get 'damaged' after years being used? I've never heard this story, but it's like I'm facing it right now ...