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    RST software doesn't see my RAID5, while the system does have access to it


      Switched from an old system (with Intel RST) to a new one, and moved my RAID 5 setup over. Very happy that my new system just showed my RAID 5 volume as expected, with no further interaction needed. The Intel RST driver for Windows however was not installed (or I didn't have the tray icon at the least) so I grabbed the last version of it, and installed that, so I can keep an eye on the system from Windows too, as I have done in my old system aswell.


      Intel RST is now installed, and it seems to be working the way it's supposed to. It does indicate an error/warning state tho, but I'm unable to verify what that error/warning actually is. Looking at the status screen, it tells me my SSD is there, an ATAPI device (DVD), and a non used connector on port 4. It does however NOT show ports 2m 3 and 5 which have my RAID5 connected. (see attached Status.png)


      If I go into the Help screen, and check the systems-repost, the disks ARE mentioned as expected. All indicated with the proper size, the model and serial numbers, and all have the status 'Normal'. See the SystemReport.txt


      So my questions:


      1) Why is the RAID5 not shown in my install of the Intel RST software?

      2) What is the 'error/warning' indication that Intel RST shows under the Status, but doesn't show anywhere else?