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    What does generation of a laptop means?


      Hi. I am new here. I need help in understanding that what does the generation of a laptop means. The information in Google are not satisfactory.

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          Al Hill

          What?  Google did not have an answer?  Amazing.


          Are you sure you are referring to a "laptop generation" and not a "processor generation"?


          There have been seven generations of Intel Core processors, as well as other many other processors.


          Scroll down this page a bit to see the Intel processor families and generations:  Intel® Processors


          So, it depends, if related to the [Intel] processor, what processor your laptop has.


          This link, although for Windows 10, does provide a few frequently asked questions and does provide a list of "recent" processors that are supported.  Anything older than these processors is unsupported:

          Intel® Processor Support for Microsoft Windows® 10


          Provide your processor model number and perhaps we can help you more.