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    Intel SST audio device ACPI\808622A8\1 requires further installation (repost per Intel request)


      Here is my re-post as Amy C. said "for us to further assist you and to help you with the specific problem, please create a new thread, make sure to add all the details in regard to your system. This way the next agent will have a better look at your specific scenario, you can add this thread as a reference but I recommend creating a new thread in order to isolate your case."


      Per request, System Information: azulletech.com Byte Plus, Windows 10 Home, Intel CherryTrail T3 Z8300 Quad-Core, 1.44 GHz, 2GB memory


      Problem: Audio randomly changes volume when watching videos. Computer is newly purchased this month and I went through all Windows 10 Home updates, which I believe included the creators update. Investigating issue, I found the following:


      Device Manager shows: Intel SST audio device ACPI\808622A8\1 requires further installation, fould like this;

      Windows 10 Home device manager

      -sound and video games

      shows- Intel SST audio device


      -events tab

      -says Device ACPI\808622A8\1 requires further installation.


      What are steps for further installation?