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    Nvidia and Intel video card on a laptop, WDDM2.2 support for intel output


      Hi, I'm trying to get my HP / Microsoft Mixed Reality Headset setup for mixed reality development.

      My laptop (Lenovo Yoga 700) has a somewhat decent video card (Geforce 940M). This card is detected on Mixed Reality as good enough to run, since it has WDDM 2.2 drivers installed. All good.. but my laptop also has an Intel 520 card, which, on the current version (Skylake) only has WDDM 2.1. Now the external hdmi output renders on the Geforce, but goes through the intel card, so even though I have enough power and drivers to run Mixed Reality with the Geforce, the HDMI output does not work (it does not pass the compatibility test screen).

      It seems like the only way to make it work would be to have WDDM 2.2 drivers on the Intel 520 video card (Skylake). Is it coming out some time?