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    Intel Celeron Sandy Bridge with HD Graphics and Windows 10 64 bit




      There is a huge amount of postings on the web forums about discontinued Intel processors using the Intel HD Graphics video card and the most common are the answers that second generation processors, such as the Celeron 867, do not have Support for Windows 10.


      This is not true. I have a minipc Zotac Zbox Nano ID61, with Intel Celeron 867 processor, HM65 chipset, second generation and with Intel HD Graphics.


      Yesterday I installed on this machine, Windows 10 64 bit, Pro version and the same is perfect, with the resolution at 1920x1080.


      When I did the installation, I had the minipc connected on a full hd tv, Sony Bravia W9 and I was able to browse the web, watch videos etc.


      I realized the problem when I transported the minipc and plugged it into a full hd monitor, 1920x1080. In it, Windows boots, I can access the setup as well, but before displaying the Windows login screen, the monitor screen turns black and the monitor led flashes.


      Imagining being drivers, I installed for more than 3 hours, several drivers found on the web and on the Intel website, but the problem persists.


      So, if everything is perfect with the display of the images on a TV, this tells me that it is not about drivers or a lack of processor support for Windows 10, so if it were that way, the perfect image would not be displayed on TV either .


      With respect to the monitor, is a Samsung P2270 full hd, 1920x1080 at 60Hz.


      It contains only DVI-I port.


      I'm using an HDMI / DVI cable.


      I discard problem on the monitor as I am using the same monitor on another machine with Windows 10 64 bit Pro and everything is perfect.


      The connection between this perfect machine is a DVI / DVI cable.


      On the other hand, the connection between the minipc and the monitor is another cable, hdmi / dvi.


      On tv, the cable used is hdmi / hdmi.


      Given this picture, any suggestions on what may be happening ??


      Thanks for any help.


      Greetings from Brazil.


      Carlos Lima