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    Server RAM upgrade 2 sockets motherboard


      Hi all,


      I want to upgrade my servers`s ram, the motherboard is a supermicro X10DRi-T4+, it has 2 physical CPU`s E5-2690 v3, I currently have 256 GB and I want to max out the memory.


      The question is, can I upgrade to 768 RAM x 2, as the max memory for CPU is 768 , while the motherboard has a max limit of 3 TB, or 384 RAM per CPU.


      All the documentation I found points to 768 per CPU, but I would like to have another confirmation before buying the RAM.


      Thank you.



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello tarabostes,
                      Regarding your question, “Memory max out for a supermicro X10DRi-T4+ with two CPU and 2 physical CPU`s E5-2690 v3 “. 
          I understand that is using Intel CPU’s, but according to the support manual for the X10DRi-T4+, the system board has is own memory controller, page 15 or 1.7 under memory.  I will recommend to contact Supermicro or Support .  Because is able to use two types of memory, LRDIMM or RDIMM.  
          For what I can understand, LRDIMM x 24 memory slots and each slot uses 64GB.  And RDIMM x 24 slots and each uses 32GB.
          Best option will be to contact Supermicro for the best support on the type of memory
          If there is anything else we can help please feel free to ask.

          Best regards,
          Henry A.

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            Hi Henry,


            Thanks for taking the time to check the motherboard documentation, I`ve also done the same thing but there was no clear answer. However, I have found another Server within the organization that is using a Supermicro MB and 4 Intel physical CPU`s, the RAM limit per CPU is 1,5 TB. Each CPU has 768 RAM installed making the grand total to 3 TB.

            Therefore the total RAM size exceeds the 1.5 TB`s limit per CPU. Based on that premise I can make an educated guess  for the server I would like to upgrade that the total memory of the MB can actually surpass the limit per CPU, in E5-2690 v3 case 768 RAM, with LRDIMM x 24 x 64GB we can reach the desired 1.5 TB of RAM.


            I think the correct question would have been what is the max memory per CPU in a 2 socket MB?